London LOVES Pizza!
Everyone loves Italian food'particularly PIZZA. People go to Italy just to eat pizza and due to its massive popularity, it has not only spread around the world, but there are loads of unique twists on pizza that have proved even more popular with locals than the original version!

The London Pizza Lovers Tour explores some of London's most creative pizza venues, as you learn about the history of pizza, how pizza came to London, and how it has become one of London's all-time favourite and varied snacks ' loved by visitors, as well as locals!


It must be something about the hot dough, the melting cheese and the fresh tomato sauce that has made Pizza such an international hit.

Some of the first pizzerias in London opened in Soho, as there was a large group of Italians that moved into central London in the early 1900s. Now you can find pizzerias all over London and not only are they run by Italians, but ironically some of London's most famous pizzerias aren't even actually run by Italians. This tour not only looks at the origins of pizza, but how it's made its way over to London. You will also see a wide variety of different types of pizza on the tour, starting with the classic Margherita and finishing with a special Sicilian 'dessert' pizza.

We will sample 5 different versions of Pizza in 5 very unique locations. You will hear the stories behind how these pizzas arrived in London along with a complete history of pizza and how to spot real pizza from the 'fake', tourist versions.

Discover new stories and flavours that you may have never tried before and get an understanding of how our current concept of pizza came to be.

You will finish with a 'dessert' pizza'something that is very popular in Italy, but has yet to be understood by the international community and walk away with a well-rounded, better understanding of how good pizza is for you, as well. This tour is a great walk around some of the London's loveliest streets and is perfect for expert pizza lovers as well as those trying pizza for the first time.

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