Alternative, trendy, and recently gentrified, London's East End is one of the most vibrant and exciting areas in town ' Subculture Tours is ready to help you discover what has become known as the greatest open air gallery in the world. Street Art and Graffiti has taken the world by storm with cities around the globe annually hosting Street Art/Graffiti festivals but London's East End is where every artists wants to paint.

Subculture Tours are ready to invite you into a world that has been closed to the general public for many years.

This tour has been designed by a'very active member of the Graffiti scene in London. He helps create art districts in London by speaking to owners of properties and taking control of those walls and invites street artists to paint beautiful colourful murals in run down neighbourhoods which helps generate a better economy for the people of that district.

Other achievements he was filmed for American TV show Entertainment tonight where he was approached by Hollywood movie actor Josh Duhamel (Transformers) to take him on a guided tour of Graffiti and Street art in Shoreditch finishing with a workshop.

We'start the day by taking a bike ride through an industrial graffiti area set along canals and river paths taking in some amazing street art and graffiti. You cycle through the East End of London avoiding any major roads taking in the scenery and scouting for fresh street art pieces. We end up in Shoreditch where we drop the bikes off and explore on foot.

On the two hour walk you will be introduced to world famous, local and up and coming artists showcasing different styles and using different techniques, Spray paint, pasteups, stickers, fire extinguishers, installations, futuristic, drip art, X-ray Graffiti, Wildsyle letters, throwups, tags.

We break for lunch in an old Brewery where there are cafes and food trucks.

We now make are way by tube to the Graffiti workshop where a carefully handpicked team of artists will help you unleash the vandal within.

The artists are all very patient and great with people and conduct themselves in a professional manner. You will learn about tagging, throwups, masterpieces and character work

Next we introduce you to using spray paint where you will learn about can control and pressure practicing drawing straight lines circles, squares to help you feel confident with the can.

Once we think you are ready we shall demonstrate the process of sketching, filling and outlining.

We want you to be proud of what you do so we do not rush the workshop.

We finish the day by celebrating with a beer/wine.

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