Fresher, funnier and more thrilling that ever, the innovative musical celebration Stomp is celebrating its 13th year in London, playing at the Ambassadors Theatre. This multi-award winning musical phenomenon combines theatre, comedy, rhythm and dance as eight performers grab anything from bin lids to Zippo lighters to belt out mind-blowing rhythms and outstanding choreography, in a fast-paced, non-stop and truly innovative show.

Smashing, bashing, kicking and crashing across the stage, this dance spectacular has generated a wave of excitement, described as a ‘sure-fire crowd pleaser’, which is ideal family entertainment.

Originating in Brighton in the early 1990s, Stomp is a group of percussionists, famed for using different parts of the body and everyday objects to dazzle, spellbind and thrill their audience. This electrifying dance display comprises of no words and little conventional melody, just a sweeping beat accompanied by memorable dance acts that combines elements of percussion, dance, theatre and comedy.

Stomp’s creators, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas met when they were members of the theatre group Cliff Hanger and the street band Pookiesnackenburger.

The pioneering dance show has performed all over the world and received an Olivier Award nomination for Best Entertainment at Sadler’s Wells in 1994. With an impressive five year run at the Vaudeville Theatre from 2002 to 2007 when it transferred to its current home at the Ambassadors Theatre, Stomp remains one of the West End’s longest-running shows.

Stomp is made up of eight highly-qualified and hugely resourceful musicians, actors and dancers, whose short but highly creative show manages to retain the attention of young viewers and is suitable for ages five and upwards.

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