Jack The Ripper is one of the most famous and iconic serial killers of all time. People come from all around to walk through Whitechapel and learn what they can about Jack The Ripper. This tour is designed to take you back into the past, to a time when gin was safer to drink than water'when Whitechapel was one of London's darkest slums.
This tour is the only tour in London that has been designed to tell the story of Jack The Ripper as you sample a variety of tastings ' some fitting with the Jack The Ripper Story and some that are local favourites in the East End.

You will walk through the same streets that Jack The Ripper famously prowled, as you stop in a variety of different tasting locations.

We start the tour with an "intro to Whitechapel" drink, followed by an exploration of the dark streets of the East End, where you will go behind the scenes of the famous Victorian year, 1888.

On the tour, you will taste of old-fashioned Gin a gin master who has one of London's largest collections. Afterwards, you will dig into some local BBQ MEAT, as only a butcher would, before visiting Spitalfield's market and have a wine-tasting accompanied with nibbles. From Spitalfield's Market, you will head over to Brick Lane, as you discover one of the East End's most famous streets. It is there that we will finish our adventure, with a luscious lasting of homemade, gourmet African Chocolate.

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