Jan 26, 2019 5:00 PM

We provide the location, You perform. We’re calling ALL TALENTS to showcase who you are and push you beyond your limits. Musicians, Photographers & Models, Comedians, DJs, and Artists here is your chance. After you have RSVP, you MUST register to be able to showcase. The link will be provided after you RSVP. Eminem - “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.” Expressing your talents, abilities, ideas, creativity or solutions is so very important.  In that expression first you connect eloquently with self and then continue with others and the world. Here we are giving all talents: Musicians, Photographers & Models, Comedians, DJs, and Artists a chance to showcase your talents…LIVE in front of hundreds of your fans and people around the world.  By applying, you would be able to showcase with other talents, increase your following on all platforms, playing your music on various satellite/Radio Stations, and possibly perform at Beyond Indio Festival 2020. MUSICIANS As the music world continue's to grow, Beyond Relations, LLC uses the world's greatest music and audio platform, SoundCloud, allowing people from other communities around the world to discover, connect with artists directly, share, and network with each other.  This is made possible for creators and their fans across the globe to enjoy music and maybe even come see them perform.  PHOTOGRAPHERS & MODELS This group is for professional models, photographers, and crew in local and surrounding areas (See Locations below). We created “Photo-shoot & Network Event” to network among colleagues, collaborate, give and receive feedbacks, share and get your name and or business out there. We review all content of each person requesting to be a member. C0MEDIANS We offer comedians (new and experienced alike) the opportunity to perform uncensored stand-up comedy in what could be termed an “open mic style.” Sets are short (on average, five minutes) which works well for those people who have never been on stage before or for the experienced professionals working on new material. If you have the passion and commitment to becoming a stand-up comedian, RSVP BELOW and Beyond Relations will be there to help. ARTIST We are seeking new talent from around the world to show visual and graphic design art. Everyone deserves a creative voice and access to a variety of cultural and artistic experiences. The breadth, depth, and diversity of its artistic and cultural life are a critical measure of the vitality around the world, from neighborhood cultural centers to major arts institutions. As we engage in partnerships, collaborations, and collective endeavors with other government agencies, private, and nonprofit entities across sectors, we encourage constituents to do the same. The arts strengthen communities by increasing cultural empathy and fostering civic and public engagement. RSVP Below. LOCATIONS:  LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA || San Diego, California || Miami, Florida || Scottsdale, Arizona || New York, New York || Long Beach, California || Coachella, California || San Francisco, California *Other countries coming soon || Ibiza, Spain || Melbourne, Australia || London, England || Tokyo, Japan