Jun 25, 2019 4:00 PM

Join us for the launch of the Post-Industrial Forum, a unique global community for leaders driving the post-industrial transition. Decode the Disruption. 
Build the Future. The rapid progress of technologies such as machine learning, intelligent agents, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, distributed ledgers, and additive manufacturing is resulting in dramatic structural changes in all industries. For the first time in the history of the human species, we have exponential technology development coupled with massive decentralization. We are now seeing the beginning of a post-industrial civilization. This goes beyond “digital,"it is change on an anthropological level.  (For more background, see this white paper.) Brought to you by the Post-Lean Institute in collaboration with industry partners, the Post-Industrial Forum is a unique global community for leaders driving the post-industrial transition. We will bring together executives, investors, policymakers, and technologists, connect the dots, and collaborate to build an exciting and prosperous future. Who should attend? Corporate leaders Investors (GPs and LPs in private equity) Policymakers and policy advisors Agenda 16:00 Networking, refreshments 17:00 The Post-Industrial Transition:
 Rethinking Business & Society Frode L. Odegard
 CEO, Post-Lean Institute 17:45 Panel Discussion, audience Q&A Pete Swabey (moderator)Editorial director, EMEA. Thought LeadershipThe Economist Intelligence Unit Toby LewisCEO, Novum InsightsCo-Founder, Global Corporate Venturing Helen Disney Founder and CEO, UnblockedEventsFounding Partner, Dots Ventures Alan Grogan, Executive PartnerData, Platforms, Analytics, IoT, AI and Cognitive IBM Global Business Services (GBS) Dr. Suran Goonatilake OBEVisiting Professor, Computer ScienceUniversity College London (UCL) 
18:15 The Post-Industrial Forum: Accelerating the Transition Frode L. Odegard
 CEO, Post-Lean Institute 19:00 Networking and refreshments 20:00 Close Speakers Frode OdegardChairman and CEO, Post-Lean Institute Frode is a thought leader in next-generation, post-industrial management science. His major focus is on how corporates, investors and policymakers can best navigate humanity’s transition to a post-industrial civilization and economy. A serial entrepreneur since his high school years, Frode’s multi-disciplinary background stretches from theoretical computer science to the boardroom. He has a deep background in organizational design and a passion for history, linguistics, disruptive technologies, and philosophy. When not at work on post-industrial management tools, he can be found in the dojo practicing traditional Iwama style Aikido. Pete Swabey (moderator)Editorial director, EMEA, Thought LeadershipThe Economist Intelligence Unit Pete is the editorial director at The Economist Intelligence Unit's thought leadership division in EMEA. He specialises in technology and has managed research projects on topics including digital transformation, the hyperconnected economy, the future of work and the evolution of marketing. He has presented this research at a range of conferences and has moderated discussions at a number of The Economist Group's own events. Before joining The Economist Group in October 2013, Pete was editor of enterprise IT magazine and website Information Age and head of technology research for business-to-business publisher Vitesse Media. Toby Lewis, CEO, Novum InsightsCo-Founder, Global Corporate Venturing Toby Lewis, innovation monitoring company Novum Insights’ founder and CEO, is a highly energetic serial entrepreneur and prolific analyst, straddling the worlds of tokens, technology startups, venture capital and data science. He was one of the co-founders of analyst group Global Corporate Venturing, where he led the analytics team. Lewis has written regularly for the Wall Street Journal and spoken at numerous international technology conferences including during the World Economic Forum. Helen DisneyFounding Partner, Dots VenturesFounder and CEO, UnblockedEvents Helen Disney is Founder and CEO of Unblocked, a hub for Blockchain events, education and information and a Founding Partner of Dots Ventures. She was listed in Innovate Finance’s 2016 Women in Fintech Powerlist and has been referred to by Barclays as a “Blockchain guru”. She is also a member of techUK’s DLT working group and co-founder of the British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association (BBFTA). Previously, she set up a global platform for news, networking and conferences about Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers and worked on educational outreach at the Bitcoin Foundation. Prior to moving into fintech, she set up and ran a European network of 120 public policy think tanks for 15 years and has been regularly featured in the media including being a former editorial writer for The Times. Alan GroganExecutive Partner | CBDS Service Line LeaderData, Platforms, Analytics, IoT, AI and Cognitive IBM Global Business Services (GBS) Alan leads the area of IBM that helps his clients embed every client function, decision and process with Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and IoT. He has over 15 years of data and analytics expertise working at the forefront of the Big Data and Analytics industry during which he has helped countless companies and government bodies transform and even reinvent their approaches around data. His achievements have seen his work covered in many prestigious publications including The Financial Times, CMO.com, TechUK and i-CIO.com. He is currently ranked in the Top 100 list of Data Leaders in the UK and is a regular market and industry commentator to market analysts. Dr. Suran Goonatilake OBEVisiting Professor, Computer ScienceUniversity College London (UCL) Suran is the co-founder of several deep-tech companies. He did his Phd in machine learning at UCL and along with fellow students co-founded Searchspace, a company that detects ‘unusual patterns’ in financial transactions (e.g. insider-dealing), which was acquired by Warburg Pincus. He is the co-editor of two books, ‘Intelligent Systems for Finance and Business’ and ‘Intelligent Hybrid Systems’. He also co-founded the Centre for Fashion Enterprise, an initiative that finances and nurtures luxury fashion designers in London, and has produced feature films and several television series. Suran has been featured in Ad Age’s Creativity 50 and was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2005.

Aug 16, 2019 12:00 PM

3 day spectacular of 'Flame International Fashion and Art Festival'  at The Royal Horseguards Hotel. Flame International Fashion and Art Festival is a unique and creative driven project. FIFAF19 is very excited to invite you to our new season! Hosted in the in the heart of London's prestigious 5* Royal Horseguards Hotel.     This August promises to be VERY HOT and a big expression of brilliant international talents and an amazing experience for everyone with different creative talents under one roof. From around the world, young and established designers will rock the runway with their fabulous collections.     Performers will hit the floor with rhythm and bass and the sound of their voices will touch your soul. YANA FLAME WILL SHOWCASE HER NEW COLLECTIONS OF HAUTECOUTURE,CASUAL AND CREATIVE STYLE. FIFAF19 SUPPORTING PSPCA CHARITY FEEL FREE TO MAKE YOUR DONATION. FRIDAY NIGHT Grand Opening FIFAF19. Flame International models of the season. Gala Showcases Established and Young Designers. SATURDAY NIGHT promises to be very Special. The Luxury Flame Experience Gala Dinner and Haute Couture Designers Gala Showcases. THIS OFFER IS RSVP ONLY A Gala White Tie Charity dinner with a delicious three-course meal from the hotel's chef and wine with Celebs and international VIP Guests, live music and singers will perform to make your night unforgettable. Dinner packages start from £150pp Book your table NOW  please contact: [email protected] SALES WILL END AT THE 31TH OF JULY SUNDAY NIGHT Spectacular Celebration of Flame Creativity. Showcase urban style  designers collections,   Spectacular expressions of makeup artists, hair stylists and body art performers. Musicians, Singers and Dancers. At the end of the evening, awards will be presented to our top participants. OPENING TIME: Everyday 12:00-23:00 Exhibiting Space 12:00-18:00 Pop up showroom for Buyers and Fashionistas Space for small and established brands to exhibit their goods Art exhibition. The Gala starts at 19:00 | SUNDAY 18:30 Afterpaty Attending will be Influencers in the fashion and art and show business industry, TV, Media and Magazines and Celebrities. Yana Flame will showcase her new collections of Haute Coture Collection, casual and creative style. VIP CELEBRITY GUESTS :    Igor Tomaily VIP Guest and Honour Flame President of Jury Artists, Director of Tomaily Gallery, Ex Creative Director of Slava Zaitsev Fashion House.   Amrick Channa-VIP Guest And Honour Flame Judge International Powerhouse club dance DIVA Vocalist are known for X Factor UK.   Tyler Ford VIP Guest and Honor Flame Judge Multiplier 9x World Kickboxing Champion won over 200 medals for GB, TV Celebrity and Movie Star, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame aged just 8.  Dave Gentry VIP Guest and Honour Flame Judge Celebrity Personal Trainer, Instructor of Martial Arts Movie Star Scott Adkins of films such as Expendables2, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Undisputed 2,3 &4.Trainer of Steps Pop-star Lee Latchford Evans   Rebeca Riofrio VIP Guest and Honour Flame Judge Chairman and founder of the UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion and Sports-CEO of Art in Fision TV marketing manager for Anglia Ruskin University.    Marcus Langford VIP Guest and Honour Flame Judge Actor, Martial Artist trained in fight choreography is known for his works on Age of kill, Essex Heist, Peaky Blinders, Happy valley’s, Green Street 3, Rise of the foot soldier 3, Vendetta.   Mac Gabriel  VIP  Guest Honour Flame Judge Actor is known for his works on Mothers Child, V vs V, Ezki's school Leven Season 2 TV and YouTube series          Mark Sears VIP Honour Guest Actor Celebrity is known for his work on Wolverine Vs., Deadpool: Back to Weapon X Spider-Man 2: Another World and Mary Queen of Scots. PERFORMING LIFE AT TEH FESTIVAL: Allis Allen-VIP Guest and Flame Honour  Host Presenter and Singer, Song Writer in Europe and UK (60's, Rock, POP and Club tunes) Amrick Channa-VIP Honour Guest Performer International Powerhouse club dance DIVA Vocalist are known for X Factor UK. LaMont-Singer VIP Honour Guest Performer Pride's Got Talent Winner Lamont Ricketts Sal Bashir-VIP Honour Guest Performer Professional Elvis, Rock and Roll Tribute Artist and Singer Garika Mathur- VIP Honour Guest Performer Dancer Performing Classical Cultural Indian Dance And other young vocalist musicians and dancers. Designers: Emerging and established brands will be showcasing their designs on beautiful female and male models within the high fashion industry. Artists: Works will be displayed in our gallery for your viewing pleasure and avid art fans have to opportunity to buy the works. COMPETITIONS TAKING PLACE: Body Art performers: A Spectacular showcase of fully painted models will rock the runway, an expression of artists impressions through flashlights and cameras will explore your emotions. Makeup artists: The team of professional MUA's will battle it out to show who will create the most inspiring, unique looks. Hair Stylist & Hair Art: Avant guard, classic, boho, trendy anything goes, the stylists will create looks for each of the models differently. Body Art Perfomance: great expose of the colored body Exhibiting: • showroom stands of various brands, goods and services • pop up shopping OTHER DETAILS: TO APPLY TO TAKE PART AS A DESIGNER OR EXHIBITOR OR TO APPLY FOR A BUYERS or PRESS PASS please contact us via email: [email protected] If you would like to discuss exhibiting a pop-up space at the show or showcase or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. FB page:https://www.facebook.com/FlameFashionArtFestivalEn/ Instagram: #flamefashionfestival GET INVOLVED, SUPPORTING OR SPONSORING YOUNG TALENTS AND YOUNG DESIGNERS Would you like to get involved as a performer, artist, helper, volunteer, partner or sponsor of the project please contact the organiser via email: [email protected] If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or other project associates via email: [email protected]     ****BUY ONLINE NOW TO SAVE 50% ON ALL TICKETS PURCHASE**** EVENT TIME & DETAILS: FRIDAY 16th Grand Opening FIFAF19 12:00-23:00 Program Showroom and shopping pop up The exhibition starts at 12:00-18:00 The Gala Start at 19:00 Flame International models of the season competition Gala showcase Young and Established designers. Afterparty Dress code: Ladies glamorous | Gents Smart Casual/ no sport SATURDAY 17th 'The Luxury Flame Experience Gala Dinner and Haute Couture Designers Gala Showcase. 12:00-23:00 Program Showroom and shopping pop up The exhibition starts at 12:00-18:00 The Gala Starts at 19:00-23:00 Extravaganza Haute Couture Designers Showcase Charity Gala dinner experience with celebrities and live performers RSVP ONLY to enquire  email: [email protected] Price starts from £150pp Dress code: White tie SUNDAY 18th Creative Day and Awards 12:00-23:00 Programm Showroom and Shopping pop up The exhibition starts at 12:00-18:00 The Gala starts at 18:30 Designers Gala showcase Competition Make-up artists and Hairstylists Body art Performers Awards Afterparty Dress code: Fashionable|Creative|Glamorous Please arrive 30 mins before the show starts to be seated. TICKETS OPTIONS | Dress code casual/glamorous General Admission -£15- Exhibition only 12:00-18:00 • Access to all Exhibitors areas • Pop up shopping • In House Bar with welcome drinks General Admission - £30 - Whole day visit 12:00-23:00 STANDING ONLY • Access to the Showcase and the Gala at 19:00  • Access to Exhibitors area • Pop up shopping • Network opportunities • Open Bar with welcome drinks • Afterparty Dress code: casual smart/glamorous Please arrive 30 mins before the show starts to be seated General Admission - £50 - Whole day visit 12:00-23:00 • Access and Second Row seats to the Showcase and the Gala • Access to Exhibitors area • Pop up shopping • Network opportunities • In House Bar with welcome drinks • Afterparty Dress code: casual smart/glamorous Please arrive 30 mins before the show starts to be seated VIP Tickets - £150- Whole day visit 12:00-23:00 • Access and reserved FRONT ROW seats in the Showcase and the Gala •Complimentary glass of Prosecco • Access to the all Exhibitors area • Pop up shopping • Network Opportunity • In House Bar with welcome drinks • Afterparty Dress code: Dress code: Whie Tie/Glamorous Please arrive 30 mins before the show starts to be seated On the door Ticket Pricing General Admission to the Exhibition and Showroom Ticket - £30 General Admission to the Gala Showcase - £70 VIP Tickets - £200

Sep 21, 2019 10:00 AM

Join us for the UK Image and Style Professionals’ FIPI Voices Conference 2019 – “The Changing Face of Fashion – Challenges and Opportunities for Image Professionals” Following the success of the 2018 conference we are incredibly excited to host this year’s event and we invite you to join us in London on Saturday 21st September to learn from a range of exciting speakers on the subject of "The Changing Face of Fashion". What to expect: Learn, understand and appreciate how and why fashion purchasing behaviour and retail marketing/sales techniques are changing rapidly due to shifting consumer values and technological advances, and how this will impact where and how image professionals can adapt and thrive in future Q&A sessions  Work together to untangle some of the challenges that Image and Style professionals face  Network and share your experiences with industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs from the UK & internationally, and see a select group of hand-picked exhibitors showcasing their businesses The conference is designed for Image Consultants, Personal Fashion Stylists, Personal Shoppers, Wardrobe Consultants, Corporate Image Trainers, Professionals in Image & Style Coaching, Editorial Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Fashion Feng Shui Experts, Etiquette Experts and anyone interested in the Image and Style/Fashion Industry. Use #fipigroupvoices19 to share your event experience! Tickets include lunch, refreshments, access to all speakers and a goody bag to take away. Members and non-members welcome. FIPI Members: Earlybird (book by Sunday 30th June) £90; after Sunday 30th June £105 Non-Members: Earlybird (book by Sunday 30th June) £135; after Sunday 30th June £150 London Fashion Week Festival FIPI will also be visiting London Fashion Week Festival on Friday 20th September. Please see the details at the very bottom of the page for further details. Our Amazing Speakers That You Can't Afford To Miss! Keynote speaker: Professor Carolyn Mair PhD, Fashion Psychologist - “The Future of Fashion: changes and challenges” The fashion industry is an important global economy. It touches everyone; as global employer of millions and as designer, producer and retailer of the clothes everyone wears. The fashion industry is becoming increasingly aware of the value of understanding the behaviour of its employees, customers and additional stakeholders. In addition, the industry is under increasing pressure to meet its social responsibilities. There has never been a more important time to bring these two disciplines together. While psychologists can contribute to solving many of the fashion industry’s pressing problems, in this talk, Professor Mair will discuss the relationship between what we wear and our well-being. Other speakers: Tara Button, Founder & CEO of BuyMeOnce - “A Life Less Throwaway” Tara Button describes herself as someone who was an impulse shopper drowning in clutter and fast fashion. In 2013 Tara went from depressed spendthrift to fulfilled and calm entrepreneur using a technique she calls ‘mindful curation’ and now lives a “life less throwaway’. She will be talking to us about how this can save money, sanity and the planet, and how empowering people to find their own style can help. Polly Holman, Lecturer, London College of Fashion - “Are Algorithms, Ai and Avatars the Future of Styling?” 30 years ago Image Consultants and Fashion Magazines were the prime sources for people wanting style advice. Since then the global spread of the Internet and the rise of Social Media has given us new style advisors; the blogger, vlogger and influencer.  Today an even more powerful new source is entering the styling market. The session will look at how Algorithms, AI and Avatars are being integrated by retail in order to supply styling solutions to their customers. It will also look at the way AI is being used by the founders of new internet platforms to provide services from UHNW clients to teenagers on a budget. The session will conclude with the opportunities new technology has for members. Azrene Ahmad, Director and Master Trainer of Imago, Malaysia - “The Rise of Modest Dressing” With the fast evolution of the fashion industry comes a whole new niche, that of modest dressing. This session will explore the driving force behind the evolution since it is not only the religious who are gravitating towards the need but also people from all walks of life, faiths, cultures and paths. Find out what this means for image consultants and how they can make the relevant changes to include addressing this need in their current fashion and style services, especially in the area of the hijab which is an opportunity that is infrequently tapped into. Eva May Pearson, Healing Image HI - “How Image Professionals can help survivors of abuse” Eva May Pearson is a 53 year old wife and mother and founder of “Healing Image Hi”. A survivor of historic abuse from an early age, Eva May tells her story of how working with Image Professionals has impacted so positively on her life, following a complete break-down in the aftermath of a Police investigation left her unable to touch her skin, look at herself or leave her home for 4 years. Through Healing Image HI, Eva May provides an open and honest account through her journey as she sought help with her image. The negative and positive impacts on her life today; five years on. After thirty years of therapy, Eva May discusses why and how her image had become so important to her. Through Healing Image Hi, as Founder, Eva May would like to raise awareness within the industry that they can help people living with trauma and mental health issues and is interested in developing a directory of accessible resources. This is Eva May’s first speech since developing her website “Healing Image HI” and she is looking forward to the sharing of questions and ideas. Plus our carefully curated conference sponsors and exhibitors, currently including Brasense and Colours by Ell. Terms and conditions: 1)   Please remember to email [email protected] for any special dietary requirements (you will also be required to specify at point of purchasing your ticket). 2)   FIPI may use photos and videos taken at its events for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, publication on the FIPI website. By attending the event you hereby consent to the use of this material as stated. Cancellation Tickets are transferable but not refundable. London Fashion Week Festival - Friday 20th September FIPI intend to visit London Fashion Week Festival on Friday 20th September. The event has not yet launched so tickets are not yet available. Please indicate on booking if you do intend to join us and we will update you on timings and location for the meetup.  Overnight Accomodation For delegates needing overnight accommodation in London, please note:- • The closest hotels to the NCVO conference centre are the Premier Inn on York Way - https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/greater-london/london/london-kings-cross.htmlor hub by Premier Inn in Wharfdale Road (more compact, budget rooms than Premier Inn whilst remaining modern & stylish) - https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/greater-london/london/hub-london-kings-cross.html• Other hotels in the area can be found by searching “hotels near N1 9RL”.