Mar 28, 2019 7:00 PM

The Merit Club is an online member's club for curious women. “The Merit club was born in 2017 out of a need I felt while working for a big corporation. I had no time to waste, barely enough to fit everything in, let alone find new things to experience. I often relied on friends’ invitations to discover new things or when I ventured out, I more than once ended up at an event where someone was trying to sell me something or was spending my evening at a dodgy location... I wanted a brand I could trust, that I know would only recommend me quality things to do, where I can meet with like-minded people and know that my time will always be well invested. So I decided to join a very well known members club around this time, paying hundreds and hundreds of pounds to be part of something where I was hoping to get this. While it was great and I got exposed to a lot of different experiences, there was a niggling thought in my head that didn’t leave me alone - why does all of this have to be about how much money we have? Joining a club like that is a privilege that only a few can afford, but shouldn’t it be about our ambition to explore and do quality things instead? I moved here from Budapest 10 years ago and while I can afford certain things now, it is because I worked really hard to get where I am for a number of years. It takes time. I started out as an au pair, then became a waitress, studied, did a number of unpaid internships and I worked my way up. One thing hasn’t changed though - I always appreciated quality and style, but as you can imagine it wasn’t always an option for me to experience. Merit was born because I want to change that. I want to be able to give access to these highly sought after places to women who have the ambition and curiosity to explore and for them to be exposed to the lifestyle they may only aspire to have. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be about how much money we may have in our bank accounts, or what social status we may hold. The Merit Club membership is limited to a 1000 and we are soon to approach our waitlist. It isn’t for everyone, but those who take their future seriously and want to connect with other amazing women, this membership might just give you those connections you need to get ahead in life. I can’t wait to welcome you in our community!”— Krisztina, The Meirt Club Founder WHAT DO WE DO? Membership to the Merit Club provides an array of special perks and treats. It offers you an opportunity to enliven your schedules and elevate your lifestyle while connecting you to a striving community of women. You can choose to join either of the Lifestyle or Business memberships and also have the option to join both with the Joint plan. Every month we bring you new perks, events to network, introduce you to new brands, luxury venues, female experts and unique places in London, so that you can discover and broaden your horizon, while benefitting from little extra perks too. We know you are busy, so just sit back, relax and get involved to whichever degree you wish. Signing up is simply about having the right attitude and ambition, with the enthusiasm to broaden your engagement with new ideas, spheres, and activities. With our round-the-clock work diaries and hectic social calendars, it's often difficult to invest any time in ourselves and discover new things, even if they're right at our fingertips or just on our doorstep. That's why a Merit Club membership will enlighten you to exciting new experiences that are going on around you, with unique and inspiring things to do, listen to, or read about, that will all add a little sparkle to your weekdays.  WHAT DO YOU GET WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP?   Invites Every month you receive a selection of free or discounted tickets to some of the top events from our partners, from exclusive Music Nights, to Masterclasses, Talks and Fitness workshops.  Offers Access to a selection of perks, from restaurant offers to beauty treatmens and trust that The Merit Club will bring you plenty. Access Free access to a number of private members clubs uniquely to The Merit Club. Enjoy some of the delights that they have to offer, without the hefty price tag. Inbox We search for interesting brands, ideas to discover, listen or read about and we’ll drip feed this all to you on a weekly basis so that you can easily plan our recommendations into your weekly schedule. Community Become part of our community of curious women and share, experience and discover together! C=You can create lasting connections on our events  Tickets Free or discounted tickets to Merit Club talks and workshops with at least 30% savings for members from the normal price. Top picks Members have access to a library of blogs full of our top picks from brands, experiences, places we love and feel are worthy of your attention, so you never miss out on things again! SIGN UP here to become a member of our growing network of women. We can't wait to welcome you in our community :) Instagram: themeritclub_official