Jun 29, 2019 9:30 AM

Use the Divine Message of the Sikh Gurus as a framework for your spiritual journey to meet God and as support in your day-to-day life!

Jun 02, 2019 6:00 PM

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED. PLEASE CHECK OTHER DATES FOR FULL AND NEW MOON TEA CEREMONIES! Where: >>> Globe House Yoga Cost:   >>> £25This month we will use the power of Ceremonial Tea together with Vortex Energy Healing followed by the Healing Medicine of SharingWomen’s circles are a magical place for connection with ourselves, our sisters, our tribe. Something that most of us are missing and longing for in our hectic modern lives – deep sense of community, sisterhood, belonging and meaningful connection with likeminded women. Here we grow and heal together. Tea Ceremony deepens this connection and also our connection to Nature and Moon. Through the magical ritual of Tea Ceremony we are able to relax, go deeper into our bodies and connect to our own knowing and wisdom. Some of you know, some don't, but I have been doing Vortex Energy Healing for a few years now, and after the Tea Ceremony I will be doing a group healing for those areas that NEW MOON will be highlighting. The time of New Moon is usually primed for new beginning, setting of intentions. This is the time to make new plans, and act on them too!WHAT TO EXPECT:>>> Introductions (the moon, the tea, ourselves – what we intend to begin this cycle)>>> Opening Meditation (to get us in their bodies)>>> Silent Tea Ceremony (to connect to ourselves and everyone in the group)>>> Group Vortex Energy Healing>>> Group Sharing {share your experiences, insights, longings)>>> Closing Meditation I will be brewing a special heart opening Tea for the Tea Ceremony on the night. Tea is such a powerful medicine plant, but it’s so human and gentle, and it cares. Tea from ancient and wise tea trees has the ability to connect us to our hearts, take us on a very gentle journey and heal us.Advance booking is recommended, as places fill up. The seating is done on the floor. Comfortable clothing is recommended. After tea we will share some healthy snacks.I am looking forward to sharing a bowl of tea with you all! IMPORTANT INFORMATION - DIRECTIONS Please allow sufficient time to get to the space and find it. LATECOMERS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Doors will be closed after 10 minutes from the start time. The reason for this is the complicated gate system of the space.  The Ceremony will take place at Globe House Yoga studio close to London Bridge station. The entrance is from Crucifix lane. Please don’t use the postcode as it directs you to the wrong gate. The entrance gate is on CRUCIFIX LANE Here is a google map link to where the gates are: https://www.google.com/maps/place/88+Whites+Grounds,+London+SE1+3JU/@51.5019445,-0.081121,19z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4876034520b9fa7f:0x13f1ea35a5fee815?hl=en-GB&gl=uk As you walk on Saint Thomas Street from London Bridge station towards the studio, you will pass a bike shop on the corner at the corner of the Crucifix lane and Bermondsey street, continue to walk straight along Crucifix Lane and then after the whole building is finished you will see metal gates on the right (a little bit deeper than the building). Go towards them and press Yoga on the buzzer (Buzzer 8). I will open a door for you and as you enter the gate walk straight for a little bit while looking right :) You will see a door with YOGA above it and that’s the right place. Useful Links:Global Tea Hut (www.globalteahut.org) - a non profit organisation based in Taiwan, which promotes Living Tea - Tea growing wildly in nature, in harmony with natural environment, with no pesticdes and agrochemicals. This kind of Tea is a Plant Medicine to our body, mind and spirit. GTH is a subscrition service where for $20 a month you will get a magazine full packed of articles about Tea and Spirituality, a sample of amazing tea and a little present. You will fall in LOVE!

Jun 29, 2019 2:00 PM

Yes, Exhale 2019 is here! We have taken time to shape this year's Exhale event to make it even more special for you. On Saturday 29th June 2019 we welcome you to take time out of your busy schedule to nourish and nurture yourself, share energies with other women, and get informed about a range of issues significant to the lives of women around the globe. This year we have three amazing guest speakers taking the platform at the event: TANYA ABIDI - (There has been a change from Mami Sarjo due to unforeseen circumstances) Tanya Prendergast is the Founder of the Bidii company. Tanya is dedicated to educating the community on matters around health and well-being in order to stimulate collective prosperity. Tanya will be speaking on the theme 'HEAL THE YONI, HEAL THE NATION!' and will be giving us tips on our wonderful anatomy, and best we work to ensure we are fully maintaining the full health and vitality of our 'Yoni' (feminine parts) for overall health, cleanliness and wellness. Tanya will be discussing the historical background of yoni steaming, the health benefits of using a range of natural herbs to aid the healing process for women in the elimination of female-related disease. www.bidii.co.uk If time allows there will also be a short video in the lunch break by Mami Sarjo who is a Creatress and founder of Sarjo's Wholistics. Sarjo specialises in creating plant-based and herbal products that support women on their womb wellness journey, from Yoni Eggs, to Yoni Steams, Yoni Oils and products of that nature. With over 12 years experience as a qualified Aesthetician and Massage Therapist being creative was always her calling, so creating products came organically to her. Dr PATRICIA SMITH is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the past 10 years. She has worked with numerous patients of varying ages and health conditions including, neurological, musculo-skeletal and respiratory conditions. Her background is physiotherapy and the Natural Sciences. She obtained her first degree in Chemistry at the University of the West Indies in 1984 and then went on to do further studies to become a qualified physiotherapist in 1988.   Dr. Smith worked for many years within the Health Service in Jamaica at various hospitals across the Island and before re-locating to the UK in 1994 where she furthered her studies to do a Masters and then a Doctorate in Physiotherapy. However her love for health and well being and her strong desire to have a holistic approach to healing propelled her into studying Traditional Chinese medicine and has incorporated both acupuncture and herbal medicine in her work with her patients.   Dr. Smith is a member of Taui Network Europe and works closely with voluntary organisations in promoting health in the black community, and in the society generally.  Her approach to health is spiritual, because without God, one cannot achieve one’s goals in life including good health. This, coupled with her scientific background allows her to be constantly researching cutting edge information around health for people of African and Caribbean descent. This dynamic speaker will be sharing information about the ways in which as women we hamper our breast health, and willbe offering strategies for all-round breastcare health. Dr Patricia Smith will also be showcasing her business Khamit Health on the day. TARZE EDWARDS-SMALL is back by popular demand!. Come and find out how the joy faculty within us, coupled with creative visualisation can assist you with overall health improvements and increase our attractive power. Find out more about our innate talent which we can utlise to eliminate depression, anxiety, worry and other negative emotions. Yes, I did say eliminate!.  Tarze Edwards -Small is a health professional spending many years working in sexual health and relationships (SRE) with young people and adults. Having seen thousands of patients, providing top quality care and support is second nature. As a holistic health practitioner, well versed in liaising with clients, families and healthcare professionals. Tarze has specialisms in harmonising body and mind within her practice. With many years spent in the field of Sexual health she possesses an acute understanding of the formation, attraction, expectation, attachment and responsibility attached to relationships.  There is no reason to make another person responsible for your joy. With the power of joy and understanding how that can be raised from within and brought into a relationship this seminar will begin to unlock the true you. Her interests very much lay in enabling people to reach their best potential through the cultivation of the knowledge of self. Her skills, awareness and engaging delivery has seen her reach top UK Cities: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leicester sharing her specialised knowledge. As non-communicable disease (NCD) still plays a major role in the quality of health of people of the diaspora, Tarze remains focussed on revolutionising the spiritual and physical health of the black community. Held in esteem by colleagues and clients alike, she engages in group training and one-to-one client based consultations. A highly competent Qi gong practitioner she using visualisation to direct the energy the flow for inner healing and the achievement of external plans. As a top Tuina Medical Massage practitioner Tarze has several private clients in the East Midlands and London. With a keen focus on women's health she avidly researches the best practices women can adopt for a high quality of life. She is always happy to share her expertise. As a successful mentor, health practitioner, all round planner and coordinator you could not be in better hands. View Google Reviews https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=senbisa&rlz=1C1QJDB_enGB649GB649&oq=senbisa&aqs=chrome..69i60l2j69i61j69i57j0l2.4300j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 So, you can see its going to be a wonderful day with informative talks, wonderful female-centred business stalls to browse and buy, a tasty vegan lunch, coupled with pockets of joy and laughter.   Female health and wellness businesses are also invited to book stalls. Only a few left so feel free to call. Stalls are £40.00 for traders and £15.00 for information stalls. Contact us for a booking form on [email protected] / 07909 516 343. We look forward to seeing you at EXHALE 2019. Imani Sorhaindo - KMT Rising