Tips for Buckingham Palace Gate

Must visit!

- Plamen Spassov

Be here like 10 am ish

- Fabian Williams

One of the many famous landmarks, definitely a must see!

- C. I.

Changing of the guard only takes place at 11.30am every 2 days. Check in advance at -

- Phat Buoy

Buckingham Palace Gate

Make sure you dip your feet into the pools 😄 sooo. Good on a hot day!

- Seb Apostol

Check the Change of Guard timings on the net; if you are really interested in seeing it.

- Krishnan

Buckingham Palace Gate

I try to stop by at least once a visit to London

- Mike Scherzer

At the rear of the palace is the large garden, which together with its lake is the largest private garden in London, Here the Queen hosts her annual garden parties each summer.

- Saad M ™ ®

Great place from which to watch changing of the guard. Don't climb on the gates as you will be told to get down.

- Carl Griffin


- Vicky F

A must see when you're in London

- Rob Koper

Una villa gigantesca, il cambio della guardia è molto bello.

- Valentina Re

See the palace closely :)

- Alexandre Curiel

One of London's Must Sees

- Owen

Don't go beyond the line

- Oliver Shreeve

Buckingham Palace Gate

You can't be a tourist in London and skip this place. Iconic.

- Maggie MacG

Buckingham Palace Gate

Catch the changing of the guards at 12:00.

- Josh Mateo

Buckingham Palace Gate

Really stunning and it ends up being a great walk. Try wandering the gardens in front of the palace.

- Jennifer Evans

все прилипшие стоят к забору! ну и что ?

- Tanya M

Check in advance. No pictures allowee

-  Carlos Nava

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