Tips for Flat Iron

Same steakhouse as the one in Soho. Delicious flat iron steak served with popcorn and a cute mini cleaver. Great value!

- Jonathan Choo

Their steak is amazing ❤️❤️طعم الستيك حقهم خرافي!

- Nouf Albraheem

Yummy steak with unique concept.. Very similar to nusr'et turkish steakhouse

- Bader 😎

Flat Iron

Great steak at a great price! You shouls try the pepercorn sauce and dessert (theres only one) at the end! Awesome!

- Andreas Leonidou

Flat Iron

This place is so good. Amazing steak and burgers, delicious sauces. The chips are great too

- Plwm Bwm

100% happy with my experience at flat iron! Food is amazing. Great service and nice cocktails ❤️

- No Matter

Flat Iron

£10 steak is beautiful! And the side are so lush and yummy

- Joan Duong

Steak is out of this world. Creamed spinach was amazing and even the cocktails were good

- natasha johnson

Flat Iron

Great steak,good range of drinks, great service next to no fuss.

- Timothy Ngwena

Steaks are a good price and very tasty and when it's busy (aka all the time) they send you a text when your table is ready. Not much choice though. They do one steak amazingly well - that's all.

- Barry G

Flat Iron

The steak was so succulent (I thought: good steak in central London for £10 - you gotta be kidding me!), and the atmosphere was great! If there's a queue they'll send you a text when a table is ready.

- Dory Tora

Get the mediteran gratin with aubergines so yummy

- Stefanie Bühler

The meat is really good-but have THE DRIPPING CHIPS. The best chips I ever had

- Portuguese Woman O'war

Flat Iron

There is only one main on the regular menu and you cannot go wrong with this steak. I recommend the chips and (amazingly buttery) béarnaise sauce to go with. If you love steak, this place is a must!

- Kwong Sheng Chong

Everything was amazing! Both the steak and the burger were the best I have ever had.

- Lefteris P

Having lived in Argentina, I'm suitably stuck up about steak. This is one of the best I've had in London - tender and succulent. Oh, and the staff are so genuinely friendly.

- Your London Tutor

Flat Iron

Chips are amazing, creamed spinach fantastic , and the steak impeccably perfect. Only ten mjnutes to get there after they text you (always a wait - I was told 2hrs but msg'd after 1)

- Carolyn Carter

Creamed spinach is fantastic

- Jacob Veerapen

You can't book, get here early. Really reasonable priced steak, and beef fat popcorn.

- Amy

Flat Iron

Great food and trendy atmosphere😊 love the fact that menu is simple. Aubergine side was really good and the steak was simply wow. Friendly staff and great music selection are the bonuses. London must

- Zeynep B

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