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Same steakhouse as the one in Soho. Delicious flat iron steak served with popcorn and a cute mini cleaver. Great value!

- Jonathan Choo

Their steak is amazing ❤️❤️طعم الستيك حقهم خرافي!

- Nouf Albraheem

Yummy steak with unique concept.. Very similar to nusr'et turkish steakhouse

- Bader Alkadi

Great steak at a great price! You shouls try the pepercorn sauce and dessert (theres only one) at the end! Awesome!

Flat Iron

- Andreas Leonidou

This place is so good. Amazing steak and burgers, delicious sauces. The chips are great too

Flat Iron

- Plwm Bwm

100% happy with my experience at flat iron! Food is amazing. Great service and nice cocktails ❤️

- No Matter

£10 steak is beautiful! And the side are so lush and yummy

Flat Iron

- Joan Duong

Steak is out of this world. Creamed spinach was amazing and even the cocktails were good

- natasha johnson

Great steak,good range of drinks, great service next to no fuss.

Flat Iron

- Timothy Ngwena

Creamed spinach is fantastic

- Jacob Veerapen

No reservations, but very very solid flavor for price. Highly recommend to anyone. Some of their specials, are great others not as much. Their 10gbp steak is fantastic medium-rare.

- Cristina Couloucoundis

You can't book, get here early. Really reasonable priced steak, and beef fat popcorn.

- Amy

Great food and trendy atmosphere😊 love the fact that menu is simple. Aubergine side was really good and the steak was simply wow. Friendly staff and great music selection are the bonuses. London must

Flat Iron

- Zeynep B

Very nice brief is given for first timers. Service is usually super quick!

- Gizem Ogecan

The steak is really good! Perfect cook and it is so juicy!

- Renee Wai

the beef was delicious but the smallest portion that i've ever had. We ate 2 beefs with a small salad, one chips, 2 sauces, a cider and a beer per 40 pounds.

- Jorge Carvallo

Tasty, good service and good price!

- Liz Kim

Tek kelime ile muhteşem. Et güzel, mekan güzel.

- Kemal Kilci

Rare is the best

- Nomi Chic

Superb steak I think its the best in London

- Murad Bin Sawad

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