Tips for Flat Iron

Good steak in London, I've finally found you! Meat actually cooked to the temperature promised. Reasonably priced. Also, free salted caramel ice cream! What's not to love? Go for lunch – lots of seats

- Amy Y

Flat Iron

Nothing to say except great value for the juicy steak with a glass of fine Italian red. Friendly staff and great service! We even got a scone of ice cream for free. Drop in if you are in London !

- Jacky Yan

Flat Iron

Have a drink at Flat iron

- Deborah Puiggali

This restaurant was awesome. Steak is well priced and very tasty. Go for the Flat Iron Steak (medium rare), chips and creamed spinach 👌🏻. Also - free ice cream afterwards, what's not to love?!

- Mark G

House Steak was great! Wonderful service as well.

- George Ribarski

Steak for a tenner in central London is almost too good to be true. Tasty but you may want to buy two of them if hungry.

- Florin Draghici

Flat Iron

Great value. Amazing value steaks. Do not forget the ice cream when leaving.

- Bob Smith

Flat Iron

Haven't tried burgers yet but they look so good. Steak at this flat iron is not as good as others. It's always so busy so be ready to wait in a queue. Also this flat iron got a really tasty ice cream

- Orkhan Namazov

Fiyat performans çok çok iyi

- Aytek

Flat Iron

£10 steak & salad (£13.50 with chips). Simple menu, well done, free ice cream at the end. Crap wine list and truly awful cocktails. Pick your battles....

- Gluten FreeMe

Flat Iron steak medium well is just perfect (I'd usually go with medium in other places) creamed spinach and peppercorn sauce 😍 Flat Iron burger (medium rare) is really good too 🔥 chips too soggy

- Ghofran Alromaihy

Flat Iron

Steak and frise ! Brilliant place, not expensive definetly worth the wait. Recommend the merlot wine

- Sóllilja Baltasarsdóttir

Great steak.

- Senite8

Flat Iron

Great choice for dinner!The steak and the burger are so juicy!Mouthwatering!

- Maria Alexiou ✈️🍦🐈❤

My goodness. This is the place. Best creamed spinach ever! Fries are amazing too and the steak perfect. The strawberry basil cocktail is so good. Free delicious ice cream

- Lydia Berkennou

Perfect steak and free ice cream! A favourite for lunch.

- James Gooch

Flat Iron

Steak was nice and good price. Burger was a bit salty for my taste. Generally good impression.

- Christos Devaris

Nice steaks, the service was quick and good. And the ice-cream was amazing.

- Deniza Ianev

O atendimento aqui é ótimo, assim como o preço. A comida é saborosa e vale muito a pena. Assim que possível eu volto =]

- Jefferson Lisboa

Flat Iron

Fantastic steak, cooked right with creamed spinach. Very decently priced, and ice cream delight after. Yassss...

- jwön

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