Tips for Flat Iron

Steaks are on point! Great price for value. Fries were disappointing, but the sauces and other sites make up for it big time.

- Kat

little options but a consistently great steak and spinach! the fries are a bit greasy but good, dessert is horrible. crazy waiting list - put your name and go for a 2 hour walk, they'll text you.

- Diana Lopes

Amazing value, good food, ok service

- Jason P

Flat Iron

Such a nice place! The steak is super cheap but delicious, same goes for the fries. Got my order within 5 minutes, friendly staff.

- Matthijs Otterloo

The popcorn is a great touch. Love the smell of bbq and popcorn when you walk into the restaurant.

- YS Loves

Flat Iron

Steak and chips. Simply delicious.

- YS Loves

Only one vegetarian option, but it's so great I dream about it. The sides are also to die for. If you're a meat eater, go here for £10 steak and you won't be disappointed.

- Hannah Parvaz

Delicious steak at a very good price (£10). The sides are amazing too.

- Shuvani Burt

Flat Iron

Simple menu - just steak for £10, highly recommend. Good selection of cocktails and hip decor. Check the fireplace in the back.

- xelster

Steak for £10. Worth the 90 mins wait

- Clara Chang

Good steak and nice atmosphere, reasonable prices! Recommended

- Kostas D.

Good cut of meat

- Mike P

Flat Iron

Eat Steak! you can't do it wrong!

- Salvatore Canfora

Eat the Steak. And sides. And the dessert.

- Tommy Palmer

Order the burger on the specials board - very tasty since the patty is deep fried. Aubergine and fries on the side - yum!

- Daren Williams

Flat Iron

Great as always at Flat Iron. This one has a great interior, large fireplace with a slow turning steak spit-roast. Also includes a bar and waiting area which isn't in the soho restaurant.

- Chris Evans

They serve really good and delicious steaks.

- Bassim Algashami

Awesome chips and the creamy spinach are to die for! Super cheap and great quality

- Ale Maestrelli

Lovely steaks. Friendly staff. Make sure to get the spinach as a side.

- Derek Boateng

Flat Iron

The new Flat Iron venue is much bigger than the ones in Soho and Tottenham Court Road and less busy. The same great food, less queuing and a beautiful interior :)

- Magda Iwaniec

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