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Tips for Flat Iron

Steaks are on point! Great price for value. Fries were disappointing, but the sauces and other sites make up for it big time.

- Kat

The popcorn is a great touch. Love the smell of bbq and popcorn when you walk into the restaurant.

- YS Loves

Only one vegetarian option, but it's so great I dream about it. The sides are also to die for. If you're a meat eater, go here for £10 steak and you won't be disappointed.

- Hannah Parvaz

Delicious steak at a very good price (£10). The sides are amazing too.

- Shuvani Burt

Simple menu - just steak for £10, highly recommend. Good selection of cocktails and hip decor. Check the fireplace in the back.

Flat Iron

- xelster

Steak for £10. Worth the 90 mins wait

- Clara Chang

Good steak and nice atmosphere, reasonable prices! Recommended

- Kostas D.

Good cut of meat

- Mike P

Eat Steak! you can't do it wrong!

Flat Iron

- Salvatore Canfora

Eat the Steak. And sides. And the dessert.

- Tommy Palmer

Order the burger on the specials board - very tasty since the patty is deep fried. Aubergine and fries on the side - yum!

- Daren Williams

Great as always at Flat Iron. This one has a great interior, large fireplace with a slow turning steak spit-roast. Also includes a bar and waiting area which isn't in the soho restaurant.

Flat Iron

- Chris Evans

They serve really good and delicious steaks.

- Bassim Algashami

Awesome chips and the creamy spinach are to die for! Super cheap and great quality

- Ale Maestrelli

Lovely steaks. Friendly staff. Make sure to get the spinach as a side.

- Derek Boateng

The new Flat Iron venue is much bigger than the ones in Soho and Tottenham Court Road and less busy. The same great food, less queuing and a beautiful interior :)

Flat Iron

- Magda Iwaniec

£10 for a melt in your mouth steak. Bargain. We also tried the burger, which didn't meet expectations. Save your money and just go for the steak. The beer dripping popcorn is also a delicious touch.

- Jessica

I love it! The food, the service, the atmosphere. Few options in the menu but very well done

- Theo Evr

Creamed spinach is almost as good as the steak. And that's saying a lot!

Flat Iron

- Ceara Pixie

Juicy slab of steak + roast aubergines 👌

- Pierre-Ange Oliva

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